Yumekui chapter 6
17 Jan, 2011 by Kushieda Filed under: Yumekui Merry
Kuu Release Notes:

Also, our TL Tsuku is working with IB to release the Yumekui anime. Check them out:
Wow! 4 chapters of Minami-ke
19 Nov, 2010 by Kushieda Filed under: Minami-Ke
Our favorite family is back with some great Mako-chan and Touma action! Hope you enjoy it as much as we do smile-big

On a side note, we updated chapters 86 and 87. Basically we were a little rusty with the cleaning, so those of you who archive may want to grab them. We didn't bother with a v2, we just overwrote the old files.
Minami-ke 86-87
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ok, so the Site was down over the weekend because I F'd up the routing table while trying to set up a VPN remotely... note to self, don't mess with network settings remotely.

In Other news, thanks to our fabulous Tsuku coming back from the dead, we have lots of Minami-ke coming to you REAL-SOON(tm)

In the meantime, here is a sampler.
We've Moved
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Ok, It's been a while I admit. But our TL reappeared! We'll have a chapter for you soon. Also of note, we are moving due to the domain name expiring and us not wanting to pay for it again.

You're here, so you know we've moved.
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We are dead in the water for the time being. Everyone is too busy to realese anything and our translator has probably gotten fed up of our bone idleness.
We probably wont be active for a long, long time, Sorry to anyone who has been waiting for Minami-ke.
Minami-ke 85
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o yeah! a new chapter for you smile